PSD to HTML: An Effective Way for Developing Top-notch Website


At present, website has become an imperative medium for online visibility and branding. Many webmaster are very sensible about the design and development of their websites. The great design brings more audience. And hence, improvises their conversion rate. Today’s every professional as well as the beginner developers are wondering about how to develop the best website that not only have the great design, but also the internet-friendly. And, the answer is PSD to HTML conversion. Indeed, PSD to HTMLenables users to deploy the website with real designed format. Continue reading

how to inject the html code into wordpress head


Many wp developers asked me same question multiple times. How to push the some HTML code into the wordpress head section. It is quite easy to push or inject the the some HTML code into the head section.There are multiple WP plugins which are giving this facility the push the HTML code into the head section. If you don’t want to use the WP plugin then you can use my code snippet for inject the code into wordpress head section. Continue reading

How to display all the attached images of the posts

Many times people create bigger post or article. Many wp developers asks me many questions daily. Most commonly I asked about showing the all the post images as slideshow or only thumbs. Using following code you can fetch the wordpress thumbnails. You just need to put following code into your functions.php file. Continue reading

Create custom meta fields using Custom Field Suite plugin

Meta box create using custom suite

In wordpress we can create the custom meta fields using Custom Field Suite wordpress plugin. Now wordpress supports the custom post type and custom meta fields in the CMS. custom meta field is great feature in wordpress. We can use the meta fields for multiple custom purpose. I am using meta fields in many projects for achieving the custom user requirements. Continue reading

Remove short words from the wordpress permalink URL

Wordpress itself creates the permalink. Wordpress permalinks are very important for SEO purpose. Short words are sometimes are not good for seo so you might need to remove the short words from permalink. Using the following code you can remove the short words from wordpress permalink URL. Continue reading

disable the automatic updates of wordpress

Wordpress is very popular and most used CMS in the world. Many times we do the some custom development with wordpress so we need to disable the automatic wordpress updates. Sometimes when we update the wordpress then it will break your site. It is very important, when you update the worpdress version with wordpress updates. You need to test the updates on local box or QA box first. Continue reading

Create Widgets using Visual Editor via WYSIWYG Widgets plugin

Create Widgets using Visual Editor via WYSIWYG Widgets plugin

Wordpress widgets are very important in CMS. In every CMS like WP and Drupal we have sidebar widgets. In Drupal creating a sidebar is very easy. Wordpress cannot give you default and easy create widget or sidebar functionality. Many times we want to create just simple text and image widget using the wysiwyg editor. There are many easy ways to create widget using text widget functionality. We can add the HTML and image or media in text widget. Continue reading

Delete users by date wordpress Mysql

Delete users by date wordpress Mysql

Some days before I enabled the my site registration as subscribers. In last seven days there are four thousand subscribers has been registered on my site. After reviewing the users and there server request logs I got to know about that was spam users which was registered to my site. Wordpress is always easy target for spammers and hackers. I tried to use some code for remove the wordpress users but then later I used following Mysql commands for removing he wordpress users. Continue reading

Get user log history in wordpress

Get user log history in wordpress

Wordpress is used as CMS system in many sites. There are many types of users we need to manage in our website. Admin wants to keep log history data in site for future use purpose. Saving the logging history is very important when you have multiple users in wordpress site. In this article I will show you how to keep the log history of users. Continue reading