WordPress Theme Development: The Pre-Coding Homework You Ought to do

The Pre-Coding Homework You Ought to do

The razmataz of the Wordpress realm continues to beam and grow at an unprecedented rate as more and more webmasters lean towards it, choosing to host their blog on a CMS platform that gives them the maximum room to innovate and ideate. Wordpress fits the fill, ever so obligingly. Continue reading

How to add the custom background functionality support to wordpress theme


In new wordpress version we can add the background image or color to wordpress websites. Many older wp themes has no support for custom background functionality.
You can very easily add the custom background support to your wordpress theme. You just need to copy following code and put in your functions.php file. Continue reading

Best WordPress Theme Demo Bar Plugins

Wordpress Theme demo bar plugins

Many wordpress theme developers need to create the WP theme demo on showing there wp theme. Theme demo is more important to show the users how wp theme is looking on live site. WP template designers want to show there all wordpress themes in one wordpress installation. There are many wordpress plugins which gives you facility show wordpress theme demo to users. Continue reading

WPtouch Mobile Plugin review by wordpressapi

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Now these days wptouch wp plugin is became vintage plugin for wp developers. Till year of 2012 many of wp developers are using the wptouch plugin for mobile responsiveness. Now these day every wp theme needs to be responsive. There are many Internet users who are using websites on mobile devices. There are too many types of devices like Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows and tablets. Every tech guy and girls are using the handy devices for net surfing. We do use tech gadgets for many purposes. So it is necessary to your site need to be Mobile and device friendly. Continue reading

How to add second sidebar in twenty thirteen wordpress theme

How to add second sidebar in twenty thirteen wordpress theme

All wp developers and wordpress theme developers know about twenty thirteen wordpress theme. I do not need to talk about this more. Many people discussed about it issues and features. Many people are developed child themes based on twenty thirteen wp theme.

Some people asked me about how to add the second sidebar in this theme. We can very easily add the second sidebar to it’s child theme.

Using following simple code you can add the second sidebar to twenty thirteen wordpress child theme. If you are creating the child theme of twenty thirteen then you just need to add the following code into your functions.php file and that sit. Continue reading

Mashable site similar look like free wordpress theme for Download


As we know mashable.com is most powerful blog in IT industry. Some time before they changed there theme or UI and platform. Earlier they are using the wordpress platform for there blogging. Mashable started with wordpress platform. After huge traffic they changed there platfrom. Many people are searching mashable UI and theme. I found wordpress theme similar to mashable.com. I personally loved this wordpress theme. This theme is released on 30th September 2013. You can download similar to mashable wordpress theme for free for now. Continue reading

Theme Check wordpress plugin reivew by wordpressapi.com


Plugin Review: Theme check is great wordpress plugin. Every wordpress theme developer should use this wordpress plugin while new wordpress theme development. Every wp theme developers are not worried about code and there standards. WP designers only look for design and CSS. But coding standards are also useful for site performance and SEO. Continue reading

Free SEO Friendly Aryaa WordPress Theme


DigCMS is our friend website. They launched the New Free SEO friendly wordpress theme called Aryaa. Aryaa wordpress theme is nice SEO friendly options. It is very SEO friendly because of powerful HTML Tags and Social Features. Normally Magazine style … Continue reading

how to develop wordpress theme with 978 grid system

how to develop wordpress theme with 978 grid system

Earlier 960 grid system was very popular among the wordpress theme developers. But 960 grid system is becoming older. Now days 978 grid system is becoming very popular. So I decided to create wordpress theme with 978 grid system. In this article I will tell you how to create the wordpress theme with 978 grid system Continue reading