WordPress Websites with the Best Syntax Highlighter Plugin

You can come across several Syntax highlighter plugins on the web, but you have to make sure you have a good knowledge about the plugins and obtain the best as well as the appropriate plugin for your blog. These are the most commonly use used syntax highlighter plugins, by most famous bloggers. Continue reading

The Fall of Banner Ads & The Rise of A New WordPress Plugin


Due to the low click-through rates (CTR) for banner ads, advertisers no longer consider these types of ads as a significant method of marketing. In about 1,000 webpages that a banner ad would appear on, around 2 to 5 people would take time on clicking the ad and only 1 person out of these respondents would have an interest to know more about the product in the advertisement. Given the low response level, return on investment through banner advertising is proven to be too low to justify the cost. Continue reading

Add javascript to wordpress through plugin


You can add the any javascript through theme. But some times many clients wants simple wordpess plugin which will inject javascript code into wordpress site. Here I will give very simple wordpress plugin code which inject the javascript tag into head section of wordpress site. You need to use my following code for creating the wp plugin. Continue reading

6 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters


Getting a website running on a WordPress CMS is a great decision and you won’t be disappointed. One of the biggest reasons WordPress is such a great platform is because of the thousands of different plugins that have been created for it. Almost everything you can think of has been made, so you don’t have a limitations. If you are still new and want to know about some of the most useful plugins that all webmasters should have, then take a look at these 6. Continue reading

WPtouch Mobile Plugin review by wordpressapi

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Now these days wptouch wp plugin is became vintage plugin for wp developers. Till year of 2012 many of wp developers are using the wptouch plugin for mobile responsiveness. Now these day every wp theme needs to be responsive. There are many Internet users who are using websites on mobile devices. There are too many types of devices like Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows and tablets. Every tech guy and girls are using the handy devices for net surfing. We do use tech gadgets for many purposes. So it is necessary to your site need to be Mobile and device friendly. Continue reading

wordpress plugin WooCommerce review

WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce review

I tested many wordpress plugins and written review about wordpress plugins. Wordpress and there ecommerce is very popular now these days due to power of SEO and easy to use. Many people are looking for wordpress e-commerce solution. There are many ecommerce solutions are in wordpress. Woocommerce is really famous and popular e-commerce solution. Here in this article I am writing the my review about woo-commerce wp plugin. Continue reading

Add the google search in wordpress without wp plugin

wordpress gogogle search -CSE - Look and Feel

There are too many sites build on wordpress. wordpress gives inbuild search option in cms. But still people want to add the advanced search in there site. I suggest you can add the google search in wordpress site. Adding google search in wordpress site is really SEO friendly also. It is very easy to add the google search system in wordpress sites. Continue reading

How to create the news site using wordpress and wp plugins

Co-Authors Plus

Many people created the news site with wordpress platform. I will help to create the news site using worpdress platform. With wordpress you can handle too much traffic. There are too many examples of news portals which created with wordpress. Mashable.com is one example of news portal. But recently they changed there platform from wordpress but for many years they used wordpress platform.

There are so many free wordpress themes which are great for news sties. You can easily create the news site using wordpress.

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Create maintance page in wordpress with your content

Create maintance page in wordpress with your content

Maintance page is required in every website. In wordpress sites also you need the provision for maintenance page while doing backup, code updation etc operation.

There are many wordpress plugins which are helpful to create the maintenance page. Many people need the custom content on maintenance page. Some people need to content and images on maintenance page.
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