how to add the different background image to each wordpress posts

how to add the different background image to each wordpress posts

You can change the background images for each wordpress post or you can change the background color also. Some times this can be doable through CSS also. But here I am going to give you very simple technique. Following code … Continue reading

How to change the Visual Editor Font Size wordpress without plugin


You need to open your functions.php file and put following code in that file.using following code you can change the font size of editor. Note: If you are not having knowledge of wordpress code and php then dont use  the … Continue reading

Hide WordPress Dashboard Login Errors

how to Hide Wordpress Dashboard Login Errors

Hiding wordpress dashboard login error is very basic thing for keep away hackers. Whenever you and any hackcer are trying to login using the correct username but with the wrong password, that will give you a message saying “Error: Incorrect … Continue reading

How to use wordpress images in subdomain

Creating subdomain for wordpress images is best way to increase your wordpress download speed. Many shared hosting and wordpress bloggers and  websites are using the apache webserver for hosting the wordpress sites. Aapache Webserver is having his own rules and … Continue reading

Increasing memory allocated in WordPress

Many people faced memory issue wordpress and WordPress itself uses the so much memory. By default wordpress uses the 32mb memory. First you need to know what is the use of increasing the memory limit for wordpress. If I increase … Continue reading

How to show recent posts wihout plugin

When we are work with wordpress theme. So many times we want to show recent posts in wordpress theme.  Many people suggest to use wordpress plugin for showing the recent post. But I suggest not to use any wordpress plugin … Continue reading