WordPress Websites with the Best Syntax Highlighter Plugin

You can come across several Syntax highlighter plugins on the web, but you have to make sure you have a good knowledge about the plugins and obtain the best as well as the appropriate plugin for your blog. These are the most commonly use used syntax highlighter plugins, by most famous bloggers. Continue reading

Add javascript to wordpress through plugin


You can add the any javascript through theme. But some times many clients wants simple wordpess plugin which will inject javascript code into wordpress site. Here I will give very simple wordpress plugin code which inject the javascript tag into head section of wordpress site. You need to use my following code for creating the wp plugin. Continue reading

WordPress for Affiliate Marketing: Make Money in a New Way


With the increase of technology, now most of the businesses are trending via the websites. There are many websites you can find for various purposes, not only websites there are numerous blog sites as well. Have you ever wondered about making use of your blog site or website to make money? Affiliate marketing is the best option for you to earn money as another source. With affiliate marketing you can earn a certain commission once someone visits your page, you sell someone’s product or give the visitor a lead to another company. Continue reading

Create custom meta fields using Custom Field Suite plugin

Meta box create using custom suite

In wordpress we can create the custom meta fields using Custom Field Suite wordpress plugin. Now wordpress supports the custom post type and custom meta fields in the CMS. custom meta field is great feature in wordpress. We can use the meta fields for multiple custom purpose. I am using meta fields in many projects for achieving the custom user requirements. Continue reading

Best WordPress Theme Demo Bar Plugins

Wordpress Theme demo bar plugins

Many wordpress theme developers need to create the WP theme demo on showing there wp theme. Theme demo is more important to show the users how wp theme is looking on live site. WP template designers want to show there all wordpress themes in one wordpress installation. There are many wordpress plugins which gives you facility show wordpress theme demo to users. Continue reading

Create Widgets using Visual Editor via WYSIWYG Widgets plugin

Create Widgets using Visual Editor via WYSIWYG Widgets plugin

Wordpress widgets are very important in CMS. In every CMS like WP and Drupal we have sidebar widgets. In Drupal creating a sidebar is very easy. Wordpress cannot give you default and easy create widget or sidebar functionality. Many times we want to create just simple text and image widget using the wysiwyg editor. There are many easy ways to create widget using text widget functionality. We can add the HTML and image or media in text widget. Continue reading

Get user log history in wordpress

Get user log history in wordpress

Wordpress is used as CMS system in many sites. There are many types of users we need to manage in our website. Admin wants to keep log history data in site for future use purpose. Saving the logging history is very important when you have multiple users in wordpress site. In this article I will show you how to keep the log history of users. Continue reading

Increase Page Views Per Visitor WordPress

Increase Page Views Per Visitor Wordpress

Getting the traffic every day is very hard and managing those traffic is very important. Many times visitors comes to your site but they do not visit the other pages of site. keeping busy the visitors on your site is important. Some blogger think getting the visitors on there website is easy but keeping busy the visitors is hard. If visitor comes to your site and without going to another site, visitor goes to another site or leaves the site then that is called bounce and It will not be helpful to increase the your site page views. Continue reading

wordpress plugin WooCommerce review

WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce review

I tested many wordpress plugins and written review about wordpress plugins. Wordpress and there ecommerce is very popular now these days due to power of SEO and easy to use. Many people are looking for wordpress e-commerce solution. There are many ecommerce solutions are in wordpress. Woocommerce is really famous and popular e-commerce solution. Here in this article I am writing the my review about woo-commerce wp plugin. Continue reading