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Why Mobile Apps are Preferred Over Web Apps

Apple and Google have catalyzed the era of mobile computing. The mobile apps including both Android applications and iOS applications are endeared by users. There are numerous applications that are available in the app stores and play stores and there are many yet to come.
Gone are the days, when there were few mobile users and massive desktop users. We all know that the incredible features of mobile has drive people crazy and made them to spend more time over mobile rather than on desktop. Now, the browser enabled Smartphone are there in the market so, what has caused ignorance towards web applications?

The stats and figures of past few decades, clearly epitomizes a substantial gap between the number of users involved in web apps and mobile apps, and this gap continues to widen. From using web browsers on desktop to running apps on Smartphones, the transition has occurred in really short span of time.


When both mobile apps and websites can be accessed on a handy device then what has made mobile applications more liked and preferred over web apps? For this, let’s have a look on the following illustration and know exactly what does the two terms signifies.

  • Mobile Websites and Web Applications

With the advancement in wireless technology, websites that can be easily accessed over portable devices are in demand. The Internet-enabled devices including, Smartphone (like iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone or Blackberry), feature phone, iPad or Tablet, etc., have become lifeline for many of us. They can be connected to a wireless network or a mobile network like 3G networks, 4G networks or Wi-Fi. And offers access over Internet and other web features with a breeze.

Nowadays, the websites are designed to adhere touch screen interface and easily accessibility on the small screen of a handy device. Based on ongoing market trends, website designs that exemplifies a perfect blend of Responsive, Simple and Storytelling designing styles are tend to attract viewers. The website that can adapt itself to the screen of a device and offers easy navigation throughout is preferred more.

The web apps were designed to be accessed over a browser. They are browser applications, which requires some downloading, each and every time when they are run. These apps include applications for banking, gaming, education, security and many more.


With these device agnostic apps you can experience more interactive interface and manage your work conveniently on the go. Example of mobile web app is Safari browser, Chrome browser, simple office softwares like online spreadsheets, Google docs, cloud computing apps for chatting, gaming, sharing any data, etc.

  •  Mobile Applications

Accessing Internet and loading web pages have become a tiresome practice. To overcome this and to meet the upcoming market demands, mobile applications were designed. Lending an astonishing experience, the emergence of mobile application has defined new dimensions for the wireless technology. For running these apps, we need to download them once from an app store or play store via Internet; it runs smoothly on the device’s operating system (iOS, Android, etc.). It can be used for applications like games, reading desired data or managing content. Unlike web apps, these applications does not require full-time Internet support. They user-friendly and attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI), which further enhances their functionality.


There are various categories for mobile applications like gaming apps, education apps, security apps, Photo editing apps, entertainment apps and many more.

Both the applications have some pros and cons. Then, what has attracted users toward mobile apps and why they are avoiding web apps? Answer to this question lies in the comparison below; let’s see how mobile applications are dominating web applications.

Web Apps Versus Mobile Apps

I’m comparing the two applications on the basis of certain factors listed below. This will give you a pellucid difference between the two.

#1. Speed and Performance


mobile app speed


Speed and performance of an application are really crucial. Clunky apps are dumped as soon as they are released, while the one, which offers instant processing and results, rule the market. The code that is used to build mobile app is tuned for great speed, while the code used for web apps is fundamentally, not for optimal performance. And thus, it makes Mobile application a better option.

The speed factor is highly affected in the case of web app, since they are required to be downloaded before running, which consumes a lot of time and lead to low speed. The speed of web apps also depends on the connected network, so, when the network signals are poor, your web app will automatically slow down.

 #2. Offline Support

Users love simple and effective apps that can run instantly with smooth functionality. Mobile apps offer great offline support and are preferred over web apps, as they uses the device’s content and doesn’t require any downloading.

Most of the time, running an app offline reduces the run time and its complexity. Web apps that are created using HTML5 can store data offline, but, it comes with two interregnums; firstly, it offers limited storage of 5MB data, which is not sufficient and secondly, it provides an option to the user to turn off or on the mobile storage; when you offers customer support for task like this, then it could lead to sleuthing and training challenge.

Both the apps can have offline as well as online support. You can use mobile applications to access both online and offline content. But mobile apps are considered more useful for offline use and web apps are apt for online applications.

#3. Access to Device’s Specific Features

Using your device’s camera as a scanner or writing messages by dictating not typing are some of the features that tempt the users and compel them to go for mobile apps, instead of web apps.
Since, the mobile applications are stored in device’s memory and work with the built-in features of the device, they perform faster and facilitates greater convenience.

#4. User Experience

Don’t you like to work on a user-friendly, trendy and optimized interface? Everyone does. Better layout and presentation will obviously attract more users. The mobile apps are designed to offer great user comfort, navigation ease and smooth functionality.

There are different mobile apps for different operating systems like App store contains applications for iOS users, Google play store has applications for his Android users, etc. These device specific applications augment accessibility ease and make them an absolute choice. While, the web apps are meant to be used by various groups of users, they have to follow some standard design or layout.

#5. Security


Every one wants to keep their device safe and secure from bugs and viruses. They can hamper your stored data and cost a lot for repairing. Security is a prime issue in IT industry. Especially, while dealing with online content, you are open to loads of threats that can destroy the installed softwares, data or can cause privacy issues.

As we know, the mobile apps are stored in device and run on device’s operating system and web apps are downloaded every time and executes on browser, the latter one is less secure and prone to bring virus to your device. Therefore, rejecting web apps and selecting mobile apps is a judicious decision.

Wrapping up:
If you are a developer, then it is very imperative to check the latest market trends and requirements before selecting between mobile apps and web apps. As far as users are concerned, I would rather recommend them to experience and make their choice. Currently, mobile apps are preferred over web apps but, bear in mind that IT is one of the unstable markets, so, stats may change anytime.


10 SEO Mistakes that should be avoided in WordPress

Search Engine Optimization can help you get higher ranks on search engine pages and builds your online presence to a great extent. But going about it the wrong way can be a lot worse than doing nothing at all.


There are few mistakes that WordPress users make quite often; they are listed below so that you can ensure that you don’t fall into the same trap.

Don’t provide XML sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file, which has the lists of URLs for sites. With their help, webmasters can make it easier for search engines to crawl websites more efficiently and easily. But there are many webmasters who don’t understand the importance of XML sitemaps, which can lead to search engines ignoring pages from the site. And that naturally means the visibility of your website will be greatly reduced. As your web pages don’t get indexed by all and mighty search engines, your online visibility is bound to suffer.

Not setting up Google Authorship

Google authorship is an important element of search friendly websites today; no two ways about it. It makes a world of difference to your brand promotion because your users can see a picture next to your articles. In fact your content, irrespective of the platform, will stay connected to your name. There are many who haven’t woken up to the importance of Google Authorship and don’t set it up, which is something you need to avoid at all costs.

Not optimizing URLs for SEO

If your URL has a smart title, it can help you with search engine ranks; no two ways about it. Running a website the traditional way can make it difficult, but when you are using a CMS platform like WordPress things are made a lot easier. You can make the most out of the tools offered by the platform and have creative titles for blogs, articles to gain good results. Letting go of this opportunity is a huge mistake you cannot afford.

Improper Categorization and Tagging

If you want to keep users engaged and boost traffic to your site, you can use categorization and tagging to your advantage. Using the right categories and tags in blogs and articles will encourage readers to go through the entire website. You can overlook this opportunity at your own peril as many already have. Having your web posts without tags and categories could mean that you are losing your ranks with search engines.

Irrelevant External Links

They are as important as internal links and should be relevant, keeping your site in context. Search engines will pay attention to the links you have to other sites and compare the thematic content to ensure that there is a match. Hence it’s important to look at external links before posting because they should define you according to your vision.

Poor Quality Backlinks

Their importance cannot be overemphasized as search engines consider them closely while judging a website’s popularity and importance. It’s been seen that some bloggers use ways like buying backlinks from farms or sites that have been put up with the sole purpose of selling links. These backlinks are often of poor quality and will give a similar impression about your site to search engines. On the other hand few backlinks from authoritative websites are worth their weight in gold.

Not updating WordPress

Your whole WordPress website will have to be updated at certain times and you can benefit from features like enhanced security, fixes etc. It’s incredible to see many not updating their sites and thus running the risk of being vulnerable or stuck with a website that doesn’t function optimally. It’s criminal to let that happen, especially since a single click of a button is all it takes to update your website.

Not installing any WordPress SEO plugin

Surprisingly, this is another common mistake that is made by many WordPress users. There are several plugins like Inbound Writer, Scribe, WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO, which have their tremendous advantages for your site’s optimization. Each of these plugins however performs differently, and thus has to be chosen wisely based on your requirements.

Poor On Page SEO

If you don’t organize your page or post around a certain keyword so that it’s spotted by search, then it can be a huge mistake. According to many, it is one of the major factors of WordPress SEO. If you make a mistake here, chances are that all your other good work will come undone. Thankfully there are plugins you can choose to help you with this element.

Keyword Stuffing

Importance of keywords for search engine optimization is now well understood. But you also need to understand that keyword stuffing is considered to be an unethical search engine optimization practise. It could lead to a temporary or a permanent ban on your website.

If you wish to rank for a certain category of keywords then you can create a separate page for it and then optimize it. You can also avoid duplicating keywords and create pages with them built in as a part of the content instead. You will benefit from that immensely because having high quality and relevant content on your website is quite good for the ranking of your website. However make sure you stay away from keyword stuffing at any cost because it will only hurt your chances with search engines.

These are some of the common WordPress SEO mistakes that you can easily avoid and ensure that you are getting maximum benefits for your website.


On Page WordPress SEO with All In One SEO Pack

Are you like me? Do you have strong content writing and blog promoting abilities, but lack the knowledge of how to actually build a WordPress site? You probably can figure out how to install the blog but that’s about as far as you can go. If you’re just going to write a personal blog or one for fun, you’re probably a single person operation. You can get up and running, but that’s about it.


Luckily for us marketers, there’s an easy to install plugin called All In One SEO Pack that helps us do what we do best; optimize our articles for search engines. Just follow these 4 steps to add the plugin to your WordPress install:

How To Get Started

  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. Click the Plugins link and click Add New
  3. Search “All in One SEO Pack,” click install and confirm
  4. Activate the plugin

If you’ve spent any time on internet marketing forums, you’re bound to come across a poster who wants to know how to get hundreds of back links to their WordPress site, but they’ve made no effort to optimize their own content. The All in One SEO Pack now makes it as easy as ever to optimize your on page SEO. You’ll now find boxes when publishing posts allowing you to specify the post title, description and keywords.


  • Title

The meta title is probably the most important on page SEO element. Your title is the link text that will show up in Google’s organic rankings. Make sure to write a highly relevant title. You’ll want to make sure your post’s intended keyword is included in the title, but don’t just cram your title with keywords. Remember that you’re writing for your audience, not Google, so the title should be interesting and eye catching. You have about 60 characters to work with, but each word is generally weighted roughly the same so be frugal with your words. It’s also a good idea to put your most important keywords farthest left on your title.

  • Description

Google doesn’t use the meta description in their rankings, but this is another opportunity to help make your listing stand out in their listings. After all, this is the 150 character text that will show up below your link (though there isn’t a guarantee that Google will use your meta description at all).

  • Keywords

Like the meta description, Google doesn’t use meta keywords in their rankings. You’ll probably want to throw a keyword in or two for the smaller search engines. It can’t hurt and only takes a few seconds to add them.




Us marketers may not necessarily know how to build a WordPress site, but with plugins like the All in One SEO Pack, we sure can make our sites attractive to search engines!

Remove short words from the wordpress permalink URL

WordPress itself creates the permalink. WordPress permalinks are very important for SEO purpose. Short words are sometimes are not good for seo so you might need to remove the short words from permalink. Using the following code you can remove the short words from wordpress permalink URL.

You just need to add the following code functions.php file.

add_filter('sanitize_title', 'remove_short_words');
function remove_short_words($slug) {
 if (!is_admin()) return $slug;
 $slug = explode('-', $slug);
 foreach ($slug as $k => $word) {
 if (strlen($word) < 3) {
 return implode('-', $slug);


Source Link :wpsnipp.com


Increase Page Views Per Visitor Wordpress

Increase Page Views Per Visitor WordPress

Getting the traffic every day is very hard and managing those traffic is very important. Many times visitors comes to your site but they do not visit the other pages of site. keeping busy the visitors on your site is important. Some blogger think getting the visitors on there website is easy but keeping busy the visitors is hard. If visitor comes to your site and without going to another site, visitor goes to another site or leaves the site then that is called bounce and It will not be helpful to increase the your site page views.

We do many tricks to increase the page views. If you are using wordpress for your website then you can use some nice wordpress plugins which will increase the page views per visitor. There are so many factors for increase the page views. I collected some nice wordpress plugins which will help you to increase the page views per visit.

Advanced Random Posts Widget

Advanced Random Posts Widget

This plugin will enable a custom, flexible and super advanced random posts widget. Allows you to display a list of the most random posts with thumbnail, excerpt and post date, also you can display it from all or specific or multiple category or tag.


Flare is a simple yet eye-catching social sharing bar that gets you followed and lets your content get shared via posts, pages, and media types.
The Flare plugin isn’t in active development because we’ve created a hosted app version of Flare that works with virtually any website or CMS, including WordPress.


GetSocial adds a lightweight and intelligent floating social media sharing box on your blog posts.


  •     Floating social share box compatible with leading web browsers
  •     Out-of-the-box functionality like
  •         Twitter Tweet Button
  •         Facebook Like and Send button
  •         Google +1 Button
  •         Buffer Button
  •         Pinterest Button
  •         LinkedIn Button
  •         Stumbleupon Submit button
  •         Digg Submit button
  •         Your Own Button

nrelate Most Popular

The best way to display your most popular content from your website.

Installing this plugin is as simple as activating it, and you can leave the rest to nrelate. Once activated, the nrelate servers will immediately begin monitoring your website and start displaying your most popular content.

There are four ways to display popular content:
1. Automatically display before or after each post.
2. Use the [nrelate-popular] shortcode in your post.
3. Use our widget in any widget area in your theme
4. Place the nrelate_popular() function in your theme files.

nrelate’s style gallery allows you to customize the look of our plugin by choosing one of our set styles, or designing your own.
Check out the screenshots.

Advertising is also possible with the plugin. Ads come with the same display options as the popular content and are a great way to earn a little extra income from your blog.

Because all of the processing and analyzing runs on our servers and not yours, nrelate doesn’t cause any additional load on your hosting account (especially if you’re using shared hosting).

Post Ratings

Simple, developer-friendly, straightforward post rating plugin. Relies on post meta to store avg. rating / vote count.
What does this plugin do:

Allow your site users to rate posts (of any kind)
Display the average post rating, vote count or weighted (bayesian) rating within your posts
Display a widget with the top rated posts in your sidebar
Allow you to create your own rating formula

Why another rating plugin? Because the existing ones are either outdated, bloated with useless functionality, or just too buggy :)

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.

SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

Further SEO Smart links allows you to set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs. Finally SEO Smart links allows you to set nofollow attribute and open links in new window.

It is a perfect solution to get your blog posts interlinked or add affiliate links to other sites.

Everything happens completely transparent, and you can edit the options from the administration settings panel.

TW Recent Posts Widget

TW Recent Posts Widget is advanced version of the WordPress Recent Posts widget allowing increased customization to display recent posts from category you define.

Output will depend on your settings, and you may define to set post title, post date, featured image and post excerpt.

If you set to display featured image, than you will be able to define image width and height in px.

If you set to display excerpt, than you will be able to define how many characters to print and also you may add custom read more text.



Display cool, animated flyout or fade box with related content. Just like New York Times.

When a reader scrolls to the bottom of a single post, page or custom post type, a button animates in the page’s bottom right or left corner, allowing the reader to select the previous or random available post or posts in the selected configuration:

Just previous
Previous in category
Previous in tag
Related using YARPP (only post/pages)

WP Greet Box

This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer url. For example, when a Digg user clicks through from Digg, they will see a message reminding them to digg your post if they like it. Another example, when a visitor clicks through from Twitter, they will see a message suggesting them to twit the post and follow you on Twitter. You can also set a default greeting message for new visitors (not matching any referrer URLs) suggesting them to subscribe to your RSS feed. Having these targeted suggestions will help your blog increase exposure, loyal readership, and reader interaction. Best of all, this plugin is compatible with WPMU and various WordPress cache plugins (so you do not have to sacrifice speed).

Show a different greeting message to your visitor depending on the referrer URL. You can add/edit/delete/disable these greeting messages as you choose.
Beautiful set of icons shipped along with the different default referrers.
Clickable icon in greeting messages with target=_blank option.
Greeting messages automatically get inserted into the top of your posts upon activation. There is no need to modify theme files.
Ability to auto-insert greeting message to the top or bottom of the post.
Greeting messages can be user closeable or not.
Ability to detect the visitor’s search keywords from major search engines and automatically display related posts under or above the greeting message.
Show a default greeting message even if the vistor does not match any of your configured referrer URL.
Show a default greeting message even if the visitor does not have javascript enabled.
Cache compatible mode makes use of AJAX to display greeting messages in the frontend. This makes WP Greet Box compatible with other caching plugins (such as WP Super Cache) and WPMU.
AJAX administrative interface that uses nonce verification to discourage hackers.
Ability to keep displaying the greeting message until after the user clicks close for the first time. After that, the greeting message will not show up for that user anymore.
Ability to set a timeout to forget a visitor so we do not keep nagging them with greeting messages.
Ablity to set rules to exclude some referrer URLs from seeing greeting messages. Regular expressions is also supported (but not required!).
Ultra customizeable greeting message box (with CSS) allowing you to prepend/append HTML around the greeting message box.
Ability to disable included CSS for manual CSS management.
Ability to disable included JS for manual JS management.
Available “greet_box_text” filter for other plugins to modify greeting message before outputting.
Ability to import and export all WP Greet Box Settings.
Currently the following referrers are installed by default, but you can easily.

My Comments: Above plugin will increase your page views by at-least 50% for sure. You just need to install above plugins in your wordpress site and add some widgets in sidebar or footer area. I tested the above plugins. I found above wordpress plugins are very promising.

Free wordpress responsive themes

101+ Free wordpress responsive themes

Every day many wordpess themes has been released by wordpress developers. There are free wordpress themes and premium wordpress themes are releasing on every month. Some wordpress themes are with nice and beautiful design but not coded properly. This month great responsive wordpress theme has been released by wordpress.org which is twenty thirteen. I collected the more then fifty free wordpress responsive themes.

Now these days all WP developers are looking for free wordpress responsive themes. There are many types of free wordpress themes for blogs, magazine, e-commerce, portfolio etc.. After doing the month time of research I collected the free wordpress responsive themes which are helpful for multiple website purpose. Here we collected the best top quality and designed and styled responsive wordpress themes.

More Interesting articles which will help you

101+ free magazine responsive wordpress themes

Unique Retro WordPress Themes

100+ Creative Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

Twenty Thirteen

The 2013 theme for WordPress takes us back to the blog, featuring a full range of post formats, each displayed beautifully in their own unique way. Design details abound, starting with a vibrant color scheme and matching header images, beautiful typography and icons, and a flexible layout that looks great on any device, big or small.



WP MashThirteen is a Mashable (http://mashable.com/) inspired TwentyThirteen child theme powered by TwitterBootstrap 3.0. The theme doesn’t looks exactly as mashable design, some how you will feel like Mashable. The child theme will help any blogger to convert their blogs to a clean and beautiful design like Mashabe. The child theme only works with TwentyThirteen parent theme. Due to bootstrap power, admin can add a lot of creative works to its content. This is fully responsive theme, works perfectly with any mobile devices or tablet.




HyperSpace – Free Responsive WordPress theme

Clean blog oriented theme with smart gallery feature and exclusive UFO widgets. Give your blog a new shiny look today.
Download our free version.



Simple Grid Theme Responsive

Simple Grid Theme Responsive is a WordPress Theme with mobile and tablet responsive design. Grid like design Theme is perfect for any creative agency to showcase their portfolio. Inspired by the works of El-Studio creative graphic design studio.




iFeature 5 is the World’s first Touch Friendly Responsive Drag & Drop WordPress Theme developed by CyberChimps WordPress Themes. It lets you create amazing responsive websites that you can control on any touch friendly device including the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. iFeature 5 allows you to setup an entire website in minutes with touch friendly Drag and Drop Options on a per-page basis allowing you control the look and feel of every page.



Ari WordPress Theme

Ari is a minimal, elegant little blog theme with a fixed left sidebar and a right sidebar. The theme is great for personal blogs (for WordPress 3.0+, also available on WordPress.com).



Lucky – Professional WordPress Theme

Beautiful elegant and stylish. Lucky is a WordPress theme with a semi – magazine layout combined with the traditional touches of a personal blog. Plenty of features: post thumbnails, tabbed containers, custom photo gallery and automatic lightbox – just to name a few. Good typography, CSS3 styling and grid technology – Lucky is loaded with the good stuff.



Press Hub

Impressive News/Magazine themes are usually hard to come by, but you will not be disappointed by PressHub. With detailed design elements and extensive documentation and support, PressHub has become the perfect News/Magazine website.



Unique Theme Responsive

Unique Theme Responsive is a WordPress Theme with mobile and tablet responsive design. Great grid like theme for portfolio showcase and for creative blogging . Inspired by the works of El-Studio creative graphic design studio.



Business lite Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Business lite offers exciting new Drag and Drop Page Elements including a Responsive Feature Slider, and Widgetized boxes. All of these Elements can be used on a per-page basis using Drag and Drop Page Options which also include sidebar and layout options giving you the power to control the look and feel of every page.

Business lite is easy to install, and even easier to use with theme options that function just like using an iPhone or iPad. CyberChimps also provides business class documentation and support.

Business lite is built with HTML5, and CSS3. Business lite is one of the most advanced Premium WordPress Themes in the world and is released under the GNU GPL v2. Business lite is optimized for WordPress 3.3+, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer 8 and 9. This theme does NOT support Internet Explorer 6 or 7, or PHP4.




The ideal solution for anyone looking for a General/Blog website which is easy to update, professionally built and comes with free support, the Parad is the best option available.



The Hellbiscuit Theme

That’s right. It’s been a long time coming, but the theme is ready and free for you all to use. Want to see it? Well, you’re looking at it! (pretty much).

There has been some updates to the theme since it’s been initially built. Actually, MANY updates to clean it up, stream line it and actually make it better that the site here now. Want to give it a test drive?



Auto Focus Responsive WordPress Photography Theme

Auto Focus is a free WordPress theme created with photographers in mind. It uses a responsive layout and includes a variety of features that make it a great choice for photographers who need an attractive and effective web presence.



News Mix

Impressive News/Magazine themes are usually hard to come by, but you will not be disappointed by NewsMix. With detailed design elements and extensive documentation and support, NewsMix has become the perfect News/Magazine website.




Meeta is a simple blogging theme, but packed with many premium features, like: unique widgets, custom templates. The theme is absolutely free!




Touch-optimized free responsive
portfolio WordPress theme

For photographers, designers, architects and artists. Works best on iOS.




A free minimal & responsive portfolio theme ideal for graphic designers or photographers.




Responsive free wp theme suitable for magazine and news site.



Pilot Fish

Pilot Fish is an elegant portfolio theme with minimal design: featuring a custom post type to highlight projects and work, and parallax scrolling on the front page to display a featured image. Responsive layout makes it adaptive to mobile devices. Also Pilot Fish supports custom menus, post formats and is available in Japanese, Spanish and Russian. In this release, version 0.3.3, new features include a dropdown menu for mobile devices, a theme option to include Google Analytics and is now compatible with IE8. Disclaimer: if you modified code in the original theme then an update will erase all your changes. So please either ignore this release or back up your changes.




Folly is a great theme for creative people. It allows you to show your work in a sensational way. It comes packed with options so you’re basically covered for everything!




wp theme related to news and fashion business



Grid Theme Responsive

Your Artwork is important, showcase your imagination with style.
Premium Responsive WordPress Themes for Creative Professionals.




The Sivex theme is designed to look and act like a $300 website, but costs just a fraction of the price. Sivex is the theme of choice for anyone looking for a professional website that takes seconds to put online.



BoldR Free WordPress Theme

BoldR is a bold, responsive, magazine style premium WordPress Theme. Based on the powerful Icefit framework, one of the most advanced WordPress theming framework in the world, it is perfect for tech or design oriented blogs and creative business websites! Create a beautiful and professional looking site in minutes with the revolutionary layout builder, and show it to the world with cross browser support and responsive design (your site will resize and adapt automatically to any device and screen size, from desktop computer down to mobile). This theme is released under the GPLv3 License, and can be used on as many websites as you want from a single purchase.




ShutterLoop is a fully responsive free photography wordpress theme. The theme has great feature control through with custom control panel.




Skylark is a bright, clean, and responsive theme that’s a great starting point for individuals and businesses.



My Way

My Way is an ellegant, modern and beautiful theme built with HTML5 and CSS3 . A lot of thought and care were put into myWay; making it a pleasure to use. myWay is loaded with essential options, and has powerful customization options.

The clean, modern design can be used for any type of website: business, corporate, portfolio, products,

We carefully handcrafted this theme with a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience. It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize, and the detailed documentation that is included. It also comes with free support, we care about your site as much as you do and will do what it takes to help in any way possible.



Gridly Theme

Folio WordPress Theme, A free minimal & responsive portfolio theme ideal for graphic designers or photographers.



Grid Style

Grid Style Free WordPress Theme with a magazine based layout. Design to showcase your fashion style portfolio. This theme was inspired by the fashion industry stylish design.




Origin is a simple and elegant theme with responsive layout for better viewing on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It’s built on the Hybrid Core framework and inherits its professional and well-organized coding practices, making it an excellent starting point for further customization and development.

The thought-out typesetting and spacious layout make the theme a solid choise for bloggers who want to offer pleasant and unobstructed reading experience for their visitors.




A professional magazine theme with responsive layout for enhanced mobile browsing experience. Oxygen is a parent theme – a great base for creating child themes, built on the industry-recognized Hybrid Core framework.




Simple, responsive theme, suitable for personal or corporate blog.




Playbook is a traditional WordPress theme with a dual column post layout, a fully responsive design, and is jampacked with all MyThemeShop’s best features. Playbook includes SEO optimization, custom widgets, our industry grade options panel, and much more, and best of all, it’s 100% free!




Respo is amazing WordPress theme with clean, sleek and customizable design. The theme is suitable for presonal blogs and/or online magazines.

This is a responsive theme, able to adapt its layout to the screen size of your visitors. (try resizing the screen and see for yourself) The sliders for this theme is responsive too, which means it works super sleek on mobile device like ipad or iphone.




A clean responsive theme for personal blogs.

free-responsive-wordpress-themes13 time-wordpress-theme



Simple, responsive, pin-style theme for your personal blog.




Simple minimalist responsive two column theme with built in slider. Suitable for a blog-based website with custom menu, custom header, custom widget, social share button (facebook like, twitter share, google +1) to make your blog more dazzling. Lugada comes with amazing image attachment gallery, featured image, theme option, sticky post support, styles for print and for the admin editor. HTML 5, CSS 3, and responsive technology.




We decided to treat not only our paying members but also those who signed up free with a new FREE wordpress theme, based on a fully responsive framework by AJ Clark. Please note that the free themes do not include free installation on your server, however, paid members will still have access to this file and can request free support and assistance for this theme.



Adapt Free WordPress Theme

Adapt 2.0 is a free responsive business WordPress theme created right here at WPExplorer. The theme features a very clean and elegant business portfolio style design making it useful for small businesses, agencies, portfolios and more.

Overall the theme is very minimal and super easy to setup. It comes with built-in post types for your portfolio, homepage highlights and homepage slider. This makes adding your content a breeze. If you can add blog posts, you can add items to each of these custom post types.



Max Magazine

Max Magazine is a super-awesome responsive wordpress theme best suited for newspaper or magazine websites. The theme is packed with an easy-to-use options panel which makes it very easy to customize the layout. It also holds a beautiful jQuery slider, carousel posts, and up to 4 featured categories on homepage.
There are two widgetized sections in siderbar and footer of the theme where you can use default or custom widgets included in the theme. The responsive layout makes it look great on iPad and rest of the tablets and mobile devices.




HUMIX is clean looking free premium WordPress theme with plenty of white space, whilst also being responsive and customizable. A sleek custom drop-down menu, with up to five social media button logos including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo and Dribbble.




Responsive Theme is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. Theme features 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions and more. Powerful but simple Theme Options for full CMS control with easy Logo Upload, Social Networking and Webmaster Tools etc. Responsive is WooCommerce Compatible, Multilingual Ready (WPML), RTL-Language Support, Retina-Ready, Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated and currently translated into 40 languages.




The Termio theme brings a new meaning to web design. The charming General/Blog look to this site has been carefully engineered both for the user and admin. Featuring our renowned theme options page, Termio is a must have.




Its a simple blogging theme built for the the publishers, be it a personal or business blog, Re-Write puts the focus on your content.




Neuro is the ultimate Responsive WordPress theme offering a fun easy to use Drag & Drop system that adds amazing new functionality to your WordPress website. Featuring responsive touch friendly theme options that work on any device, fully SEO optimized, dynamic sidebar layouts, and per-page dynamic templates. Powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.




The ideal solution for anyone looking for a General/Blog website which is easy to update, professionally built and comes with free support, the Wordie is the best option available.




Frank wordpress theme is a responsive WordPress theme. It uses a modified version of the foundation grid system it also offers the unique feature of a modular home page layout system.




Fontana is a clean theme for your WordPress blog that lets people actually read your content. Responsive layout, post thumbnails support and more.

frank-wordpress-theme fontana-wordpress-theme



Fashionista is a simple and clean WordPress theme to showcase your content in an elegant way.




Bloggie is a free WordPress theme in the standard blog structure. The theme is designed specifically to get users to read your posts, and to turn one visitor into multiple pageviews using the sidebar widgets and the related posts option. Plus, did we mention that it’s free?




Photo Book is a cool responsive WordPress theme for building online portfolios, gallery websites or image based blogs. The theme is great setting up an online galleri of your work, if you are designer, artist, photographer, or other creative specialist. The theme supports widgets and custom menus.




Medicine is a design originally created for WordPress by LizardThemes.com. Medicine has user-friendly features that allow even the newest of newbies to manage your own website according to your preferences. The theme options page allows one to customize your site in just about every possible manner. This theme is absolutely free




WallPress is a Free Responsive WordPress Theme which lets your content shine. Be it an online portfolio, newspaper or magazine, all your important social content comes together at one place. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Vimeo are ready to be plugged in with DW Social Feed.




A fully responsive portfolio theme for creative people and agencies. It’s great way to display your portfolio through 4 different thumbnail size types and responsive layout. And it’s completely free!




GreenChili is a clean, blog-style WordPress theme that combines traditional WordPress styling with MyThemeShop features, functionality and optimization. The fully customizable theme is responsive, optimized for both SEO and advertising, and maintains a clean yet sophisticated feel.



Ribbon WordPress Theme

Ribbon is a wide post display, traditional structure WordPress magazine theme. With a dual color scheme, plenty of whitespace to pad your content, and all the features you’d expect from MyThemeShop, Ribbon is a perfect choice for both niche and general purpose blogs, and it’s completely free!




Fascinated about online pinboards? Do you like to display a multitude of media formats on your website? Do you like your content showcased in a beautiful grid? We have built a theme that lets you do just that. And we called it simply and suggestively: Pinboard. The theme has a responsive layout optimized for the most common devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.



Elegant Spike

Another Top Notch Luckily free WP theme with abundant of features in it that Includes slider option, fluid width along with traditional and magazine style and look. It comes up with perfect color combination of red, grey, green and black. An ideal layout with a very neat and elegant look will give highest value to your blog while using it.

Either you are running a fashion related blog or have a blog on clothing, e-commerce, etc. it’s an ideal theme for you to use. Also, using this free WP theme on autos, tech, shopping or any other niche blog will give a perfect look and feel.




WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.




Garvan is a free premium WordPress theme. This is a WordPress 3+ ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, widgetized sidebar, and customizable homepage widgets section , jQuery image slider on the custom homepage template. Theme also comes with an option panel.




Great is a traditional, magazine-style WordPress theme. With a clean, minimalist design and all the usual MyThemeShop features, Great is optimized to help your blog stand out from the crowd and dominate the web.



Andrina Lite

Andrina is Elegant and beautiful Theme with Easy Customization Options built by InkThemes?.com. The Andrina Theme features a uniquely curved designed feature section. Andrina Theme is perfect for all kinds of business and personal sites. You can easily convert the Theme into your own Niche. The Andrina Theme can tweaked easily using the Theme Options Panel like logos, intro texts and background. Andrina Theme supports five widgetized areas (two in the sidebar, Three in the footer).




Imbalance is an excellent choice for any online magazine, blog or portfolio websites. This free wordpress theme designed with a contemporary modern vibe in a minimalistic style. By the use of Imbalance theme, you can easily fresh-up your project whether it is a blog or i-magazine. In consideration of additional features and flexible layout it is a very user-friendly theme that can attract new visitors to your web-site.



Klasik Framework

Klasik Framework is a base/starter theme for quicker WordPress? theme development. Responsive, flexible, search engine optimized and standard compliant with HTML5 and CSS3.




Panoramica is built with the intent of adapting to as many window sizes as possible. It has a fully fluid layout that gives it tremendous flexibility, allowing you to cater to both large and small screens alike. Its polished portfolio heavily emphasizes the use of images, displaying a clean slideshow in every portfolio item. And of course, you can customize its appearance through its extensive options panel.




Free premium wordpress theme, Paragams was made by special techniques and correspond a grid-based lightweight design with almost no images. Paragams, thanks to a number of custom advanced features is really easy-to-use, either for you or for your visitors. This theme is really fits any journalistic-type website whether it is a news-blog or some kind of online-mag.




Portal is a very simple, magazine plus blog style theme with light bright colors blending nicely. With all the latest features such as Responsive layout, SEO Optimized, Custom Widgets and many more. Most of all, Portal is FREE




Suburbia is a free premium WordPress theme for magazines. The layout is very clean and flexible and designed in a modest and minimalistic style. Magazine is not the only purpose, so Suburbia suits for blogs and various project either. The theme was made in cooperation with Demian Peeters (aka Moodyguy). Some unique features of Suburbia give you an extra flexibility in every single step you make.




Estate is clean, flexible business theme. It’s well suited to business, portfolio and personal websites. One of Estate’s best features is its Page Builder integration. Install Page Builder in a few clicks and you’ll be able to create unique page layouts using a drag and drop interface. You can use this to create anything from menus for restaurant sites to marketing squeeze pages. Estate is an actively developed, continually updated theme.



Pinzolo Theme

Pinzolo is a brand new responsive WordPress theme. It has been designed to be minimal and easy to customise.




JustBlue is a free theme released by MyThemeShop. A standard blog style theme, JustBlue brings premium functionality for free, with the ability to customize settings using the options panel, and the included custom widgets, and it’s a responsive theme.



Agency – 1.2

A very neat and clean black and white business theme. The theme supports widgets. And features theme-options, threaded-comments and multi-level dropdown menu. A simple and neat typography.



Wedding Photography WordPress Theme – Bridalshow

Bridal Show converges all the essentials to be an a stunning wedding wordpress theme. The theme impresses visitors with its elegant and classical design of mainly black and white homepage in a trendy background make all content harmony. This is also a fullscreen and fully-responsive theme which ensure it looks great on any device, any screen size.



Guo – 1.0

Guo Responsive Theme is compatible with all the major browers,they are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE 7/8/9/10 and Safari. Also, it is fully responsive that looks great on any device.




Columnist theme is a great fit if you publish magazine or news style content. This theme offers a clean and simple design but still allows for a lot of content to be presented in a magazine style.



Exray – 1.0

A simple, clean and responsive theme build with HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap. Designed to be starting point for your Website with unlimited possibility for customization, with Theme Customizer and Theme Options ready, you won’t get any trouble modifying most part of the theme. By using flat design concept, your content will standout and catch your reader eyes.



MH Magazine lite – Free WordPress Theme

This is the free version of MH Magazine with basic functionality. Upgrade to the premium version and benefit from more features and options, responsive layout, several templates like homepage templates or a html sitemap, custom widgets, useful shortcodes, jQuery news ticker and advanced theme options including colorpickers with unlimited colors to create your own color scheme. The premium version of MH Magazine comes with free updates and excellent customer support in german and english language.



Comic WordPress Theme – ComicMag

The impressive color, the clarity layout and neat will satisfy the most demanding customers. We believe design and function of our Comic & Manga WordPress Theme are extremely perfect. You can easily show the galleries or the news pages as your ideas.




Simple grid-based WordPress minimalistic-theme, Blogum is designed in a modern style and can be used on blogs. Very clean theme markup allows your visitors to precisely focus on your content. Layout flexibility and additional features give you freedom in blog configuration.



Enclosed is a clean and modern theme made to be highly readable and appealing. It has a set of features ideal for bloggers and photographers alike, making use of large images in both its portfolio and blog page to impress visitors. The theme also provides a really minimalistic homepage, which can showcase your work, services, articles… you decide.



Elegant Photography WordPress Theme

This free theme allows photographers to create a beautiful portfolio/blog. The theme design is stylish without overpowering your photos, which deserve to have the visitor’s attention.




Neat and flexible grid-based theme for WordPress CMS, Portfolium can be used on portfolio web-sites or blogs. If you are designer, artist, photographer, or other creative specialist you can take a full advantage of Portfolium’s fresh minimalistic design that is perfect as is or as a foundation for your custom design. If you don’t need to showcase any works and just want to share some content, you can switch theme to blog style in a few seconds.



SiteOrigin Portal

With Portal, I decided to go back to what made Origami such a popular theme. It’s just a simple blogging theme that aims to get out of the way of your content. With the power of Page Builder though, Portal you can use Portal as a full business theme, a simple single landing page, or anything in between.

Portal makes ample use of a hot new fonts called Noto Sans and Noto Serif. I absolutely fell in love with these fonts when I first saw them. Noto Sans specifically is just gorgeous. Its clean cut lines add a professional touch to your content. It worked perfectly in just about every circumstance, including as a huge bold headline on the home page.

I just let the font inspire me from there. Clean, solid lines and subtle color changes were a perfect compliment to the content.



Technology WordPress Theme – TechMag

The compact design and the unique layout is what you can feel from Tech News WordPress Theme. Indeed, the color of our Technical Magazine theme is very light and cool. Blue is used for the titles, the buttons, it makes the interesting point for the interface of the site. TechMag has 3 columns of information at the home page, so you can display a lot of information blocks and images, so we can be said that TechMag is very suitable for a news site, electronic newspapers.



Sight Free WordPress Theme

Sight is a professional WordPress theme which was made in a modern minimalistic style and best suits for Blogs & Magazines. Layout is made using Golden Grid and it gives you a choice of information publishing – grid view or standard blog view.
Extra ability of showing most important information content via big image slider on the top of the page allows you to improve your web-site’s presence and attract new visitors. It is important to be noticed that Sight is already Search Engine Optimized, so you don’t need to care about, just start and get love from Google.



Video Stream

Video Stream is a WordPress template with well toned visual structure suitable for building a video sharing website. The theme has a high qualitative, expressive banner with slideshow effect at the header. The template displays categories, recent post, and popular tags in widgets giving the template a unique and elegant look. The WordPress theme has thumbnails for Recent, Popular and Featured videos displayed in the frontpage with pagination. Boast your music updates with twitter feed field and connect with to media via twitter, facebook and linkedin icons.




Duena is a Bootstrap template designed specifically for personal blogs. Being Bootstrap-powered the template provides lots of opportunities for editing and tuning. Bootstrap is web developer’s ‘mana’ with all those HTML elements, components and other cool stuff. Even though Bootstrap templates are mostly flat, the gradient on the background creates depth effect that makes content blocks float in the air. Red and its hues prevail in the theme design giving it some warmth and passion. There is no need to describe theme’s responsiveness; for sure the template fits perfectly into all browsers of tablets, phones and PCs. And lastly, the template comes stuffed with lots of amazing features that will make your blog stand out. Feel free to try Duena template!



Hatch WordPress Theme

Hatch is a simple photography and portfolio WordPress theme. Optimized for mobile browsing – the responsive layout will automatically detect if the visitor is viewing your site on a desktop screen or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and will adjust accordingly. A parent theme – easy to customize via child themes, and built on the Hybrid Core framework.

The theme is built to utilize the core WordPress functions for image and gallery management. With the exception of the in-built Fancybox script, no additional/custom functionality or third-party plugins are used to store, organize, or present the content.




Theme Check wordpress plugin reivew by wordpressapi.com

I tested the many wordpress plugins and written review about plugins. Theme check wordpress plugin is most downloaded and useful wordpress plugin for wordpress theme developers.  I am very happy about writing review about this plugin.


The theme check plugin is an easy way to test your theme and make sure it’s up to spec with the latest theme review standards. With it, you can run all the same automated testing tools on your theme that WordPress.org uses for theme submissions.

The tests are run through a simple admin menu and all results are displayed at once. This is very handy for theme developers, or anybody looking to make sure that their theme supports the latest WordPress theme standards and practices.


Theme check is great wordpress plugin. Every wordpress theme developer should use this wordpress plugin while new wordpress theme development. Every wp theme developers are not worried about code and there standards. WP designers only look for design and CSS. But coding standards are also useful for site performance and SEO.

Theme Check wordpress plugin reivew by wordpressapi.com

Theme Check wordpress plugin reivew by wordpressapi.com

Checking coding standards manually is really painful and lengthy process. But using theme check plugin you can automatically check the wp coding standards.

I am using theme check plugin for last one year and this plugin has really great help to me. When ever there is new wordpress version release, you need to run this plugin and check the issues and errors. Because with every new wordpress release there are decrypted methods from wordpress.
There are recommendation and warning will be shown by this plugin which are very helpful for improving the site performance and SEO.

After using this plugin you should deactivate and delete this wordpress plugin, before pushing your site to production.

Theme check plugin is fast.  This plugin is helpful to increase the website SEO.

If you are wordpress theme developer then you should this plugin for developing the wp theme. You can use the following wordpress framework for developing the wordpress theme.

Grid978 – wordpress theme framework

After developing wordpress theme you should theme check plug-in and fix the errors and issues.


best wordpress seo plugins ever which will increase your site seo incredibly

I am using wordpress since 2006 for my blogs and websites. Since I also written the wordpress plugins for SEO purpose. Still some wordpress plugins are really doing great work. SEO is very import fact for every website.

I almost used every wordpress seo plugins But I like following wordpress plugins due to some reasons. Personally I like the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” wordpress plugin for SEO purpose. It is simple to use. It is not impacting on your site performance. It takes less then 40% memory as compare the other seo plugins. Site performance is very for every website seo. Meta description and meta tags and seo title are equally important.

WordPress SEO by Yoast



Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Comments: This is very nice plugin for SEO. It takes less memory as compare to other wordpress seo plugins. I personally using this plugin in my site. This plugin has not many features like other seo plugins but this plugin is really fast. No memory leak issues with this plugin.

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate

This all-in-one SEO plugin gives you control over title tags, noindex, meta tags, Open Graph, slugs, canonical, autolinks, 404 errors, rich snippets,

Comments: I love this plugin. This plugins I used for years. If you have good hosting solution then you should go for this plugin for seo. This is best ever and great plugin for seo. But only bad part is It takes lot of memory of your site almost 30% of memory will consumed by this plugin while each page loading. Still I can recommend this plugin for SEO because It has really great result in SEO with wordpress.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines.

Comments: This plugin is really oldest great seo tool for wordpress. This plugin I used for some time. It has great features. Helpful to SEO. Many bloggers are still loving this wordpress plugin and using it. This plugin also consume your server memory big time while each page loading. Performance is  very important when you are using any wordpress plugin.

My SEO Plugin

Seo Meta Tags

You can enter your meta keywords and description for your homepage.
This plugin will add different Meta description for each individual post as your excerpt of your post. This will help your blog to rank better in google. You can easily increase your blog traffic using this plugin.

Comments: This plugin has minimal features for SEO but still most important seo features are present in this plugin. This plugin will not consume your site memory. This plugin is super fast. This plugin is very easy to use in your site. They looked for performance of site. Using this plugin you can increase the seo without effecting the site performance.

What People are doing for SEO

Normally people are searching for best wordpress seo plugins 2012, install wordpress seo plugins,  all in one seo wordpress plugin, wordpress seo optimization, yoast seo, wp seo plugin, all in one seo vs yoast,  seo ultimate vs yoast. I shortlised the best ever wordpress seo plugin which are really useful for every wordpress developers. If you have doubts about wordpress SEO then you can write to me.

Using social button will slow down your wordpress site

Using social button will slow down your wordpress site

There are so many social button and social share wordpress plugins. Which are so beautiful and nice plugins.
But these plugin can cause wild swings in page load times and page load.  Sometimes, facebook is busy and that icon slows down your page, sometimes it is twitter.
Some time admin selected so many social icons to show and it takes time to load because that many apache requests will go to server. I personally tested some blogs and They are facing same page load issue. Commonly wordpress page will load in in 5 to 6 seconds without this wordpess plugin. But with these plugin it is taking 50 to 60 seconds to load the page.
It will effect to SEO of your site.

Our Test

We tested the following social icons buttons.
Twitter, Twitter (tweet), Facebook, Facebook (like), Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Google Reader, Google email, Posterous, and StumbleUpon.
All icons are failing some time and that causes page load error with your wordpress site. I tested other plugins also which are not for social sharing purpose but there were no issue with worpdress page loading.
Commonlay these type of plugin will load into your post, page and excerpt. If you open home page or archive page. you will face the slowness.
I am not saying not to use the social share or social button plugin in your wordpress site. But you need to think about wordpress plugins which is causing issue to your site.
Using social button will slow down your wordpress site

Using social button will slow down your wordpress site

I recommond following wordpress plugins which are really nice.


Normally social sharing codes provided by facebook, twitter, etc renders iframes at run-time. These iframes increases page-size and slow-down your website (on client-side).


Up your website’s social score with a little social Flare! Easily configure and share your blog posts across some of the most popular networks.

Lazy Social Buttons

Social buttons attract more visitors to your site. When users +1, Tweet, or Like your page, it advertises your page to their friends and followers. This plugin adds social buttons to your posts as a small sprite at first and delays loading the real buttons until the user hovers over the social buttons. It delays ~300KB of social button components by loading <6.5KB of our own script and sprite. onMouseOver activates the load of the ~300KB of social button components.

Best one


No one likes long load times, but we all want to be able to share our content via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. These take a long time to load. Paradox? Not anymore! With WPSocialite (utilizing David Bushell’s amazing SocialiteJS plugin [http://www.socialitejs.com/]) we can manage the loading process of our social sharing links. Load them on hover, on page scroll, and more!
All in One SEO Pack wordpress plugin review

All in One SEO Pack wordpress plugin review

All in One SEO Pack wordpress plugin is most downloaded plugin in wordpress. It downloaded more then 14 milions times.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of any business, but also for professional bloggers and all individuals that are serious enough about how they rank on sites such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Here are some features of All in One SEO Pack wordpress plugin:

Some features:

  • Google Analytics support
  • Support for Custom Post Types
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Fine tune Page Navigational Links
  • Built-in API so other plugins/themes can access and extend functionality
  • ONLY plugin to provide SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites
  • Nonce Security
  • Support for CMS-style WordPress installations
  • Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines
  • Generates META tags automatically
  • Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs
  • For beginners, you don’t even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box. Just install.
  • For advanced users, you can fine-tune everything
  • You can override any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want.
  • Backward-Compatibility with many other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.

If upgrading, please back up your database first!


  • I appreciate free, & never, until now, complain about something that I get for free, but people need to know what they are getting themselves into before they update.
  • If you want to improve your SEO rating and have order in all your pages and posts.
  • The most accessible for novice users that never fails. It is feature rich in an unassuming way.
  • This is a good plug-in with the basic knowledge to improve your blog’s SEO. There are more advanced SEO plug-ins but this one helps users with a basic understanding of SEO. A great plug-in to learn SEO.
  • All in One SEO is well tested and proven to be the only choice for numbers of Insurance Carriers, Brokers and Agencies nationwide, which sites I built.
  • Worth mentioning is that All in One SEO is supported by a company, not just one person, so you can rest assure that if help is needed, their support team will be there for you.
All in One SEO Pack wordpress plugin review

All in One SEO Pack wordpress plugin review