Active Model in Rails

Active Model in Rails

The technique we used was quite a hack as this is something that ActiveRecord wasn’t designed to do but now in Rails 3.0 we have a new feature

Rails 3 beta by February

Ruby on Rails 3, an upgrade to the popular Web development framework that merges Rails with the alternative Merb framework, is due to be offered as a beta release by…Read more →

USA State list for Rails

Every time we need this migration script for our projects Use following command for Model generate [siwan@localhost siwan]$ ruby script/generate model UsStates exists app/models/ exists test/unit/ exists test/fixtures/ create app/models/us_states.rb…Read more →

How to setup mongrel cluster setup on fedora

First install the following gems: #su #gem install mongrel #gem install mongrel_cluster #cd project_name #mongrel_rails cluster::configure -e production -p 3000 -N 3 -c /home/siwan/project_name -a ----prefix /project_name # mongrel_rails…Read more →