Load the jQuery in the wordpress footer


Many latest framework are loading all javascript in footer. They reduse the page loading the errors. But wordpress load the jquery and other javascript in header.
But using following code you can load your javascripts and jquery in footer area. You just need to copy and paste the following code into the functions.php file. Continue reading

Add javascript to wordpress through plugin


You can add the any javascript through theme. But some times many clients wants simple wordpess plugin which will inject javascript code into wordpress site. Here I will give very simple wordpress plugin code which inject the javascript tag into head section of wordpress site. You need to use my following code for creating the wp plugin. Continue reading

How to implement the Jquery UI datepicker in wordpress

How to implement the Jquery UI datepicker in wordpress

How can use the Jquery UI in your wordpress theme and plugin using following code. For adding the datepicker in theme you need to just add the following code in functions.php file. Some WP developers use the plugins to add the datepicker in wordpress. But you can add the Jquery datepicker in wordpress. Continue reading

wordpress and jquery conflicts – How to solve that


Jquery is most powerful javascript framework and which is used widely. Wordpress is most powerful and famous cms in the world. When you are using the jquery in wordpress that time you need to keep in mind some issues. Wordpress itself uses the jquery in there framework. But when we tries to add the different versions of jquery and there plugins, there was issue or conflict with jquery. Sometimes I saw issue with some plugins due to different versions of jquery. I shown in this tutorial, how to solve the jquery conflicts easily. Continue reading

100+ jquery and CSS techniques and Tips and tutorials

100+ jquery and CSS techniques and Tips and tutorials

Jquery is most popular and used javascript library which is used for multiple purpose. Every developer is using CSS and Jquery for modifying the UI and usability. Here I collected the more then 100 jquery and CSS techniques and tips and tutorials in this article. This articles are useful for every Jquery developers. Continue reading