10+ wordpress lightbox plugins useful for slideshow

Lightbox Gallery

Jquery lightbox is mostly used for slideshows in web based project. In wordpress that is most favourite. Here I collected some nice wordpress lightbox plugins. Lightbox Plus ColorBox Lightbox Plus ColorBox implements ColorBox as a lightbox image overlay tool for … Continue reading

smart way to use jquery in wordpress theme

smart way to use jquery in wordpress theme

In wordpress adding the Jquery is very easy because wordpress itself uses the Jquery for admin panel. They provided the wordpress api for adding the jquery in wordpress theme files. wp developers are always looking for wordpress jquery plugin, wordpress include jquery, wordpress jquery ui, wordpress jquery noconflict, wordpress jquery theme, wordpress jquery version, wordpress jquery slider, wordpress jquery not working. Here is the solution Continue reading

20 best CSS tips and Techniques for web designers


How To Use CSS3 Orientation Media Queries Take Your Design To The Next Level With CSS3 15. CSS3 Font-Face Or How To Use A Custom Font For Your Website CSS3 Fundaments – CSS3 Transitions Design A Prettier Web Form With … Continue reading

minimize, restore, maximize and hide functionality with javascript without using jquery

Many times we need to minimize and restore functionality for our in page pop-up. In This article I will show how to achieve the minimize and maximize and restore functionality with javascript.

I you want the minimize functionality for your in page pop-up use following code for minimize and restore button. Following code you can use for showing the minimize button on pop-up. Continue reading