20 best CSS tips and Techniques for web designers


How To Use CSS3 Orientation Media Queries Take Your Design To The Next Level With CSS3 15. CSS3 Font-Face Or How To Use A Custom Font For Your Website CSS3 Fundaments – CSS3 Transitions Design A Prettier Web Form With … Continue reading

minimize, restore, maximize and hide functionality with javascript without using jquery

Many times we need to minimize and restore functionality for our in page pop-up. In This article I will show how to achieve the minimize and maximize and restore functionality with javascript.

I you want the minimize functionality for your in page pop-up use following code for minimize and restore button. Following code you can use for showing the minimize button on pop-up. Continue reading

Creating the multiple namespace JS library with classes

When I started the creating new namespace JS library I got very useful artile to read. http://pietschsoft.com/post/2007/07/Creating-Namespaces-in-JavaScript-is-actually-rather-simple.aspx In this article they covered lot of things ( namespace protection objective ) Here I am using the namespace manager code: Using this … Continue reading