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Send email through wp_mail in html format with wordpress

In wordpress we use the wp_mail function for sending email. Following parameters we use for wp_mail. WP developers wants to send email through wordpress. There are many wordpress plugins are helpful for this. But If you have mail server then you should use the wp_mail wordpress plugin. Emails are very important feature for now in the world so you need to understand better the wordpress mail functionality.

Here is some brief and introduction about wp_mail method of wordpress. wordpress itself uses the PHPmailer for sending emails.


    (string or array) (required) The intended recipient(s). Multiple recipients may be specified using an array or a comma-separated string.

    (string) (required) The subject of the message.

    (string) (required) Message content.

    (string or array) (optional) Mail headers to send with the message. (advanced)

    (string or array) (optional) Files to attach: a single filename, an array of filenames, or a newline-delimited string list of multiple filenames. (advanced)

Simple example:

   $attachments = array(WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/uploads/');
   $headers = 'From: My Name <>' . "\r\n";
   wp_mail('', 'subject', 'message', $headers, $attachments);
Send email through wp_mail in html format with wordpress

Send email through wp_mail in html format with wordpress

We can use this code for contact form or in functions.php file

For html format email from wordpress. we just need to add following line in functions.php file.

add_filter('wp_mail_content_type',create_function('', 'return "text/html";'));

Sending HTML email has risks. It could be caught in spam filters. The client may not support HTML formatting (although that’s rare). The client may disable email HTML from using javascript, CSS or grabbing remote assets like images.

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