How to switch your smartphone to digital wallet for swift and secure payments?


Gone are the days, when you had to tap your credit card on NFC machines available at the checkout counter. The reason being is that with the amendment in the technology, the smartphone has been provided with the feature using which you can wave your smartphone or tap it to the machine in order to make all the payments. The machine will automatically detect the information of your credit card linked with your Google account. This has been introduced because in this fast pace moving world, most of the people prefer carrying hard cash in a very little amount as cards are preferred for the payment. It is widely used also because of the fact that it is more secured as compared to carrying loose cash. Continue reading

Interlinking Articles on WordPress


SEO on WordPress is not that difficult. There are DIY blogs and articles that will help to teach you the best ways to use SEO on your WordPress sites. You can learn all about the newest SEO strategies that work the best, and some tried and true strategies that may not be as much on the cutting edge, but that can still help your site. Continue reading

How to Leverage ASP.NET MVC as a Source of Competitive Advantage

The technology gurus have always given .NET MVC Development its due. The platform has been a headliner when it comes to different programming platforms, and we have witnessed several businesses spending on offshore .NET MVC Development. It’s hardly difficult to understand why. As time has passed, the programmers have packed this platform with the newest upgrades and features that make it the de facto best programming language of its generation. Continue reading

Add javascript to wordpress through plugin


You can add the any javascript through theme. But some times many clients wants simple wordpess plugin which will inject javascript code into wordpress site. Here I will give very simple wordpress plugin code which inject the javascript tag into head section of wordpress site. You need to use my following code for creating the wp plugin. Continue reading

6 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters


Getting a website running on a WordPress CMS is a great decision and you won’t be disappointed. One of the biggest reasons WordPress is such a great platform is because of the thousands of different plugins that have been created for it. Almost everything you can think of has been made, so you don’t have a limitations. If you are still new and want to know about some of the most useful plugins that all webmasters should have, then take a look at these 6. Continue reading

WordPress for Affiliate Marketing: Make Money in a New Way


With the increase of technology, now most of the businesses are trending via the websites. There are many websites you can find for various purposes, not only websites there are numerous blog sites as well. Have you ever wondered about making use of your blog site or website to make money? Affiliate marketing is the best option for you to earn money as another source. With affiliate marketing you can earn a certain commission once someone visits your page, you sell someone’s product or give the visitor a lead to another company. Continue reading

Boost Your Business with Incredible WordPress Development Service


Every business must have a unique website as online presence plays crucial role in establishing your brand. Here, comes the need for outsourcing a reputed web designing company to get the best development services. WordPress is a powerful open source content management system that allows users to update the content easily without any hassle. It is widely used by various large corporations as well as small scale businesses to manage their blogs and websites. Initially, WordPress started as a blogging tool and now it has gone far beyond it. Now, WordPress can be used to develop e-commerce websites. There are numerous themes and plug-ins available to satisfy user requirements. Continue reading

Solve the internal server error for wordpress


Many times we face the issue of internal server error for many wordpress sites. To solve or fix the internal server error of wordpress sites. You can use the following techniques and tips. First do not hurry to take action. Before doing anything you need to take database backup first then you need to see the apache server logs and mysql db slow logs. If you are using the shared hosting then you can check the access and error logs. Continue reading

Add Link to each gallery image in wordpress

WP Gallery Custom Links

Wordpress gives you to create gallery and show on any page. You just need to multiple image and show as a gallery. You can show the images as attachment of gallery image without any URL. I will show you in this article about add the link to each gallery image. When you upload the single image then you can able to attach or add the link to that image and use in your post. you can link it to a custom URL under attachment display settings. Continue reading