how to display or embed the google map in wordpress

Google map is very common requirement in every web project now. As we know more than 18 million sites are created in wordpress. Google map now became very advanced now. Google map version 3 is really great. I worked on google map v3 in javascript. Now every second site need to google map integration. Here In this article I will show how to add the google map in wordpress site.

google-map-in-wordpress google-map-in-wordpress

Here I created list of google map plugins which can be useful for wordpress. Using following wordpress plugin you can add the google map into your site.

Inline Google Maps

This is the most complete and advanced Google Maps plugin to be used in your WordPress blog or any other content manager or even plain HTML pages.

It helps you very easily insert simple to complex Google Maps in your pages from a plain Google Maps URL, remote or local KML file.

Google Maps for WordPress

This plugin allows you to easily insert Google Maps into your blog, making use of the new shortCode system in WordPress 2.5. The maps can be configured to offer directions to or from the location, show or hide the zoom/pan controls, show/hide map type (street view, satellite, etc), activate zoom using mouse wheel, and more. PHP5 Required.

XML Google Maps

This plugin allows you to easily insert Google Map or Google Earth Plugin Maps into your blog. You just have to add a link to your self defined Map from My Google Maps, Picasa Webalbum Picture Map, any geoRSS Feed (like Flickr), your uploaded Google Earth file (kmz, kml) or any other dynamic or static Google Earth file (,, etc.).

Even if you have a GPX-File from your GPS, upload it, link it and it get displayed. For GPX-Tracks you can even display speed, elevation charts (Google Charts API) and a data table with checkpoints (distance, time, average speed, max speed, climb up, climb down).

Multi Google Maps

This is first plug-in that allows you to insert Multi Google Map V.3 Objects into your post/blog, No require Google Map API Key. Next version, this plug-in supports to display Multi Google Map on Popup. By the way , If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. (siripol.n at gmail dot com)

Google Maps v3 Shortcode

This plugin allows you to add a google map into your post/page using shortcodes.


  • multiple maps on the same post
  • set map size
  • set zoom level
  • set map type
  • set location by latitude/longitude
  • set location by address
  • add marker
  • add custom image as map icon
  • add KML via URL link
  • show traffic
  • support for Google My Maps

Google maps

This plugin will let you easily embed Google maps in your posts. It will produce clean XHTML code without any iframe.


  • add an embed Google map in your post by using this syntax [map:http://permalink_to_your_Google_map 640 480] “width” (640 in the example) and “height” are optional parameters. You can use px or %,
  • it could be a recorded map or any other map you’re consulting (some complicated map can’t be shown) some examples are availables on my blog,
  • double-click or use your scrolling mouse button to zoom on,
  • internationalization of the plugin,
  • XHTML conform,
  • tested and working on IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari,

Here is another article which will help you to add google map in wrodpress.

Add google maps in wordpress post

This list made by If you need any help about integrating google map into wordpress then please write to me.

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