Some wordpress developer asked me, how do i find my akismet api key for wordpress, For protect your site from spam comments you need the askimet api key. which is common for jetpack and akismet plugin. WordPress api key is very important for using the wordpress jetpack plugin. For hosted wordpress sites wordpress api key is very important.

how do i find my akismet api key for wordpress

Here I will show you how to get the new wordpress api key.

  • sign in with your credentials (if you not have account yet then sign up to
  • Then go to your wordpress site and allow Akismet to connect to your WordPress account
  • click “sign up for a subscription”
  • choose your price plan. Get free plan.
  • be greeted by an “All Done” page and your big API key at the top of the page

Copy your api key and put in your wordpress site for jetpack plugin.

how do i find my akismet api key for wordpress

how do i find my akismet api key for wordpress

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