how to Hide WordPress Dashboard Login Errors

how to Hide WordPress Dashboard Login Errors

Hiding wordpress dashboard login error is very basic thing for keep away hackers. Whenever you and any hackcer are trying to login using the correct username but with the wrong password, that will give you a message saying “Error: Incorrect Password.” hacker will got the clue that the username entered is in the system, and that they simply need to crack its password. Same with username also you will got following message.
“Error: Invalid username”
For avoiding this thing you just need to open your functions.php file and put the following code in that file

add_filter('login_errors', create_function('$a', "return null;"));

This hack will remove the WordPress error by displaying nothing when a login is incorrect.


Written by Purab Kharat

I Purab am from India, Pune. I am WordPress and Drupal Architect and consultant. I worked on many technologies like Ruby on Rails, Flex, PHP, jQuery etc... Senior Technical Lead at Smartsourcing Global Pvt Ltd in Princeton, NJ, USA.I contributed to many wordpress plugins and Drupal Modules. I contributed to Drupal core also.Connect to purab on LinkedIn or Follow @purab on Twitter or Follow me on Google+ or Write Mail to or Chat with me on Skype : purabdk

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  1. maxoud Reply

    Brute-force attackers never attacks the site using monitor and mouse. So, this technique actually does nothing. There is focus-making javascript on the bottom of the page source which still gives a clue what was wrong — login or password. Any automated tool will know it.

  2. altılı tahminleri Reply

    Your site and the content on your site is very nice!
    Thank you very much.

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