WordPress Theme Development: The Pre-Coding Homework You Ought to do

The Pre-Coding Homework You Ought to do

The razmataz of the Wordpress realm continues to beam and grow at an unprecedented rate as more and more webmasters lean towards it, choosing to host their blog on a CMS platform that gives them the maximum room to innovate and ideate. Wordpress fits the fill, ever so obligingly. Continue reading

how to remove unwanted image sizes from wordpress theme

Many times you do not need the many image sizes for wordpress. You need the original image only for your wordpress sites. Sometime you need the original and thumbanil image only. But many wordpress themes creates the multiple image version in your site which is not useful. Using following code you can remove the unwanted images while uploading the images. Continue reading

Load the jQuery in the wordpress footer


Many latest framework are loading all javascript in footer. They reduse the page loading the errors. But wordpress load the jquery and other javascript in header.
But using following code you can load your javascripts and jquery in footer area. You just need to copy and paste the following code into the functions.php file. Continue reading

How to count post views without wordpress plugin

There are many wordpress plugin which will give you the post views using custom tables. But here using following code you can track the post views of your wp site.

Using external plugin, you can get the views and report but it will add more sql quries and extra load to your site. So I suggest use following code for getting the post views. Continue reading

How to add the custom background functionality support to wordpress theme


In new wordpress version we can add the background image or color to wordpress websites. Many older wp themes has no support for custom background functionality.
You can very easily add the custom background support to your wordpress theme. You just need to copy following code and put in your functions.php file. Continue reading