Top 15 iOS apps that can lend great experience to WordPress users or Bloggers


Gone are the days, when phone was only used to communicate with others. Now, it has become more than a communication device, it has emerged as a complete new device named as “Smartphone” that is perfect to replace desktop computers. It can be used to accomplish day-to-day activities like health and fitness, to-do-list, entertainment, reading news and many more. Continue reading

Use Grid-Style Layout Effectively To Support Your Design

Grid Style Layout

A grid is a two-dimensional structure which comprises of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. It is used to structure content. A grid layout is a popular web design practice and has become an important component of most websites. Designing along a grid can be very interesting and pleasing. It is easier to build a site with the help of a grid. With a grid style layout you will be able to visualize proportions which look best on the site. A grid will help you to impart an orderly look to the site and reduce visual chaos. With grid-style layout you will be able to highlight important elements in a site without overcrowding. Continue reading

Gaining Popularity Of WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting 1

Over the years, cloud hosting has gain popularity. Well, if you ask what or where is the cloud, then there is no object that can be pointed as the cloud. It refers to the structure, where different computers are used to store data through a network connection. Data is stored in various connected hard drives that act like a virtual disk with unlimited capacity. All over the globe users uses WordPress the online content management system and even many companies are powered by this online CMS. However, they require hosting services that can handle the internet traffic. Cloud hosting helps in this aspect. They integrate the website with the network which helps the pages to load fast. Continue reading

Making Webmaster Tool Verification Easy With Google’s Newly Introduced Plug-In For WordPress


Did you ever try to sync your WordPress’s account with the Google’s Webmaster tools and AdSense? Then you must have failed all the time. You had only two options, either you spent long hours trying to sort out how to solve it or you outsourced it to some programmer or software engineer after paying a hefty amount of money. However, Google has acknowledged this problem and recently released its new WordPress publisher plugin that makes the use of Webmaster tools and AdSense easy and simple. All you need to do is to visit your WordPress account’s plugin page, select the right Google plugin, and place it in the directory and activate the account with a single click of a mouse. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Highly Consider Going With A WordPress Site

6 Reasons Why You Should Highly Consider Going With A WordPress Site

WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems used by many on creating websites and will continue to thrive due to plenty of different reasons. Some people think that WordPress is a platform that is only good for blogging, which is very wrong. It can be a platform that is perfect for any type of website and has no limitations to what can be done. Since it is an open source platform, people are able to make changes, create extensions, and mess with any aspect they want. So, over the years, WordPress has continuously been worked on and updated. Continue reading

WordPress for Affiliate Marketing: Make Money in a New Way


With the increase of technology, now most of the businesses are trending via the websites. There are many websites you can find for various purposes, not only websites there are numerous blog sites as well. Have you ever wondered about making use of your blog site or website to make money? Affiliate marketing is the best option for you to earn money as another source. With affiliate marketing you can earn a certain commission once someone visits your page, you sell someone’s product or give the visitor a lead to another company. Continue reading

Boost Your Business with Incredible WordPress Development Service


Every business must have a unique website as online presence plays crucial role in establishing your brand. Here, comes the need for outsourcing a reputed web designing company to get the best development services. WordPress is a powerful open source content management system that allows users to update the content easily without any hassle. It is widely used by various large corporations as well as small scale businesses to manage their blogs and websites. Initially, WordPress started as a blogging tool and now it has gone far beyond it. Now, WordPress can be used to develop e-commerce websites. There are numerous themes and plug-ins available to satisfy user requirements. Continue reading

WordPress 3.8 is coming with new features


Wordpress is very popular CMS which is widely used in the web world. There are millions of websites build using wordpress CMS. Every month there is new update and new version is coming. Last month wordpress released the 3.7 wordpress version. New release will be 3.8 wordpress version coming with new features. It is very focused and important wordpress release by WP Team. Continue reading

Do not use Images in wordpress theme new post at starting

Do not use Images in new post at starting

When you are using wordpress for blogging purpose then at starting of wordpress post do not use the images. For any website page using images are always good but If you are putting the images in article at the starting of the post. That will be not good for your SEO. There are so many SEO plugins which uses the post description as a meta description. Continue reading

Improve Alexa Ranking with wordpress website

Improve Alexa Ranking with wordpress website

When we talk about site ranking then first name comes in our mind is Alexa rank. We always measure our website success using Alexa Rank and google page rank. Alexa ranking is very important for SEO and Advertising purpose. There are many views and thoughts about increase the website ranking. But with wordpress there are some very nice tricks you can apply with your site and your site rank will increase. Continue reading