The apple very successfully launched the ipad. They just sold 300,000 ipads in single weekend.
“Weak Wifi Pages” already has over 10,000 views – remarkable since it’s only been 48 hours since the official iPad launch.
There is very serious issue with ipad and wi-fi router connection. So many people are struggling with wireless network and ipad. Another issue being reported is the iPad’s continuous request for re-authentication to a secured wireless router, even after a successful, initial connection to it.

What you can do with wi-fi and ipad issue.

If you’re an early adopter experiencing connectivity issues there are a few things you can do to until Apple comes up with a more definitive explanation and fix for this problem:

* Update Your Router’s Firmware. Before attempting to connect an iPad to a home network, make sure that you have the latest version of the firmware to ensure that the router is functioning at full capability. This is usually done within the router’s included software.

* Change The Router’s Location. Do you have your router positioned in close proximity to equipment that could be causing interference? Microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless keyboards, and Bluetooth devices can muddy a W-Fi signal.

* Set Your Router To Operate On One 802.11 Standard. Most current routers support not only 802.11n, but a, b, and g as well. Set your router to operate exclusively on the greatest standard available, and do the same with the wireless devices on your network. The iPad ships with support for 802.11n, so you should have your router match that if possible.

* Change Your Router’s Security Encryption. Typically, security isn’t something that should be experimented with, but when attempting to boost network performance, it may be necessary. There’s no question that WPA and WPA2 encryption is more secure than WEP, but the jury’s still out about which encryption method can slow a network down more (some believe it’s WEP and others WPA). If you have either currently deployed in your home network, try changing to a different encryption setting and see if that makes any difference in your connectivity. Apple also recommends that you use the same security settings across the entire network.

* Rename Your Networks. Apple makes the somewhat odd suggestion that users rename their networks. “Create separate Wi-Fi network names to identify each band. This can be done easily by appending one or more characters to the current network name. Example: Add a G to the 802.11b/g network name and an N to the 802.11n network name.”

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